LBY: Emerging Marketings (LBY 22) 2024
2024-2025 (arkistoon 2029)
Opintojakson vastuuopettaja: Ruey Komulainen
Koulutusala: -Sosionomi

In this course, participants will learn some essential characteristics of emerging markets and their positions in the global economy. We will also explore the business opportunities available in these countries. The course will highlight some of the risks and challenges associated with organizational management and business strategy in emerging economies, especially from the business culture aspect. Topics include defining emerging economies, the business culture and system in these markets, risk management and entry strategies to such markets. 

Matematiikka 1 KRM 2024
2024-2025 (arkistoon 2029)
Opintojakson vastuuopettaja: Katja Komulainen
Koulutusala: -Rakennus- ja yhdyskuntatekniikka insinööri

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